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Release History

RTM Build (Released: 2/23/2007)

  • Changed structure to add to Team Foundation Server Source Control at CodePlex.
  • Added source code reference help in the following formats: HtmlHelp 1.x, HtmlHelp 2.x, and Website. The latter is just a plain HTML site to view the source code reference.
  • Moved project to CodePlex.

Beta Build (Released: 12/22/2006)

  • Added support for MySQL 5.0 database.

Beta Build (Released: 12/12/2006)

  • Added support for Microsoft Access 2000/2003 database.
  • Added a strong name key file to sign the NHibernateProvider assembly.
  • Updated the implementation to support the separation of single- vs. multiple- web application models. The NHibernateProvider logic must support the single-web application model because of the nature of the ASP.NET Membership/Role Provider design. Previous implementations of NHibernateProvider did not make this distinction and would therefore perform operations as though a single web application was always being managed. Because the NHibernateProvider implementation will support its own management controls and the multi-web application model, the implementation needed to clearly isolate both. From a usage perspective, the logic is unmodified from previous versions. Underneath, the implementation uses specific queries to perform the logic assuming a single web application, just like the ASP.NET design calls for.
Please note that support of Microsoft Access 2000/2003 is only available when using NHibernate v1.0.3 together with the NHibernate.JerDriver v1.1 that is part of the NHibernateContrib v1.0.3 project. The associated download is configured to use the included Microsoft Access database.

Alpha Build (Released: 12/06/2006)

This version is fully functional and following some user testing it should be in Beta and then Release very fast. I would like some feedback on the use of NHibernate. If there are areas where the use of it can be optimized please let me know.
  • Implemented logic to remove references when User or Role instances are removed.
  • Completed logic for tracking login failed attempts.
  • Completed testing within ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool. Now everything works fine even through the Security Setup Wizard.
  • Fixed missing page reference to Create User page from Login page.
  • Modified User class and MembershipUser table definition to fix name inconsistencies around Password Failure. This changes affect the mapping file User.hbm.xml. Attached database and DDL scripts have also been updated.
  • Added sample machineKey entry in Web.config to show how you can override the default used by the NHibernateProvider implementation. If you don't specify a machine key, the provider will create a new machine key every time it is initialized (during application start) and use it for the duration of its session. The details are stored with the affected data so that subsequent checks succeed. Use this override when you are attempting to perform Single-Sign-On across a set of ASP.NET web applications.

Alpha Build (Released: 12/05/2006)

  • First public release with functional implementations for ASP.NET Membership and Role providers using NHibernate v1.0.3 and NHibernate 1.2 Beta 2, with support for Microsoft SQL 2000/2005/SQLEXPRESS and Oracle 10g.

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